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Our software uses analytics and automation to make multifamily renovations faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.

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Renovating units? Redeveloping exteriors? Enhancing common areas and amenities? With full value-add and redevelopment capabilities, our renovation software makes preconstruction a breeze.
Unit Interiors
Common areas & amenities
Unit Interiors
Common areas & amenities
How it works

Using trusted data as a single source of truth, our software gets owners renovation-ready by completing preconstruction in less than two weeks.

Property Address + Rent Roll

Owners share the property address and rent roll. Just like that, preconstruction begins!

Digital + Remote Property Mapping

Our software digitally and remotely generates a detailed property map by referencing >500M photos, floor plans, and videos available online. Properties are mapped to LOD 300 shop drawings with over 98% accuracy — with no sitewalks needed.

Scope + Budget

Owners dial in the right scope and budget for their project. Our platform’s automation makes it easy — one change to the package instantly updates the RFP and contract.

RFP Solicitation

Using your desired scope and budget, our platform deploys RFPs to your preferred contractors and vendors in addition to those in Tailorbird’s trusted network. With our remote and digital bidding process, competitive and fully-leveled hard bids are in-hand within a week.

Sitewalk App

Using our app, finalist contractors easily and quickly verify our software’s measurements and takeoffs during sitewalks.


Our platform generates drafts of construction contracts so construction can begin!

A win-win for everyone

For owners and contractors alike, Tailorbird saves time and money so you can do more deals and scale your business.


Complete preconstruction in under two weeks
Prove out your business model six months faster
Increase your IRR by 1%
Save up to 8% on construction costs


Win new work quickly and grow your business
Experience a fair bidding process
Bid on more projects in less time with our digital and remote platform

What they’re saying

We've earned the trust of our partners by doing what we say and saying what we do.
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Dramatically reduced the upfront time and risk.
‍“Normally, the timeline from when you close to when you have detailed hard bids is six months or more because it’s so difficult to get extensive site access before close. Tailorbird offered a nine-month improvement of our timeline for this project.”

Dave Denslow

Construction Operations

Catalyst Housing Group

Faster and more accurate bidding.
"Not only are we able to bid jobs faster and more accurately, but we also noticed a better job handoff process once projects were awarded. Tailorbird's spec sheets and shop drawings are a gamechanger for our team in the field."

Cam Bruckman

Account Executive

CAMP Construction

Watching Tailorbird's technology deliver was amazing.
“Watching Tailorbird deliver was amazing. Receiving a ‘like-to-like’ set of fully leveled hard bids in such short order from GCs who could execute made it so much easier to make decisions and get to contract faster.”

Kelly Hiltscher

Director of Sales & Marketing


Maximized efficiency, increased win rate.
“Tailorbird allows me to maximize our estimating team’s efficiency while simultaneously increasing our win rate. I’d highly recommend contractors partner with them to reap these same benefits.”

Jared Bernshausen

Assistant Vice President

FSI Construction

Tailorbird = growth.
“Our efficiency has improved, allowing us to complete more bids in less time — especially in markets where we’re growing — and we’ve reduced costs since Tailorbird eliminates the need for site visits during bidding process.”

Erik Good

Senior Project Manager

Global Construction LLC

Taking our strategy to a whole new level.
“The speed and expertise Tailorbird’s product offers is helping us take our long-term hold strategy to a whole new level and deliver on our values.”

Michael Roos

Senior Director


A game-changer.
“Tailorbird allowed us to get four sets of transparent, fully leveled, hard bids a month before the close of acquisition. It’s a game changer that scales our operations so that we can focus on the next acquisition.”

Jordan Moss


Catalyst Housing Group

An eye-opener.
“The bid package produced by Tailorbird was an eye-opener for me.​ It is so thorough and implements fully vetted industry best practices. It gave me a leg-up in how convincingly I can convey my acquisition strategy to my investors.”​

Daniel Rickert


Notch Mountain Properties

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